How does an Indi differ from an iPad?

mayo 03, 2017

There are many ways in which the Indi is different from the iPad. The Indi speakers are outward facing and loud enough to communicate in a variety of noisy environments. These speakers are integrated in to the device. The Indi also has built-in infrared in order to control different household items such as the TV or their DVD player etc. The Indi is built ergonomically to be carried around. It was designed to be easy to carry including younger users who may have small hands, as well as those who may have hand weakness or may have other challenges when considering carrying a device around. Lastly, both the Indi and the software on the Indi are from Tobii Dyanvox. If you have any problem with the Indi you can call Tobii Dynavox or one of our resellers and we know all about the Indi and the software. This is different to the experience of having to phone different companies depending on which aspect of your device may be problematic. With the Indi you have holistic support  for all aspects of hardware and software from one company.