Why do I keep getting errors when trying to teach IR commands to the EyeMobile Plus?

diciembre 03, 2018

If you need to teach the IR in Grid3 or Virtual Remote on the EyeMobile Plus you will likely get an error message or the signals may simply not work.  This can be due to the infrared emitted from the eye tracker interfering with the infrared signals emitted from your remote control.  To resolve this issue you will need to temporarily disable the eye tracker.  

  1. Minimize whatever software you may have open if it is taking up the entire screen.
  2. Select the Tobii Eye Tracker icon in the system tray (near the date and time, the icon looks like two x's or two dots that are representing your eyes)
  3. In the menu that pops open, in the upper left corner change the switch to OFF.
Now you should be able to program your infrared remote signals.  Do not forget to turn the eye tracking back on when you are finished.