When I press on the keys the recording doesn't play back

julio 20, 2016

If your recordings are not played back make sure that you have inserted the batteries and the SD card according to the instructions in the Getting Started chapter in the User Manual

If so, these could be the causes:

  1. Your keypad might be locked.
    1. With or without a Card inserted, hold the Mode button and press the Keypad Lock button on the Setup Menu to unlock .
    2. If a Card is inserted, and you can't see the Setup Menu, hold the Mode button press the bottom-left corner of the Card, the key positioned over the Keypad Lock button (see Using the S32 > Setup Menu).
  2. Your S32's Press Time could be set fairly high, and you're not pressing the key for a long enough time to activate it.
    1. Hold the key pressed for about 10 seconds and see if the recording plays back through the speaker. In the Tobii S32 Scan there is a feature allowing you to control the Press Time. The audio recording is actually playing back, but through the headphones as a Short Press Preview. Enter the Setup Menu to and lower the Press Time down to 1 with the Press Time Control if you want the audio to play back through the speaker immediately upon pressing, without any Short Press Preview through the headphones (see Using the S32 > Setup Menu > Tobii S32 Scan > Buttons and Controls-Scan).
  3. Is the S32 connected to a computer via the USB cable?
    1. No Keys can be activated by using the device when you are connected to a computer, all control is carried out through the included software Tobii SymbolMate
  4. Check to make sure that the volume is not to low to be heard.
    1. Raise the volume (see User's Manual: Using the S32 > Setup Menu).