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Use Caution when change the visibility of buttons in Core First

mayo 08, 2017

Use Caution when changing the visibility of buttons in Core First
The Show/Hide tool in the Button editing panel tab  has two modes that set the scope to which changing the visibility of the buttons will apply. The default mode, Change visibility everywhere, will change a buttons visibility in all grid sizes for the current page. The second option, Change visibility here, (right click on the hide icon to see the options) only changes the visibility of the buttons in the current grid size. The default behavior is what you want in most situations, but you need to be careful hiding and and showing  buttons in the pre-made content as it can have unintended effects across all other grids sizes.
User-added image
 In the example above, hiding the People and Actions buttons in the 4x4 grid size, hides them in the 6x6 and every other grid size on the Core Words page, which is probably the desired result.  However, if you later decide to unhide those buttons, you may run into trouble if you transition to smaller grid sizes.
User-added image
User-added image
Looking at the screen shots above, unhiding the People and Actions buttons everywhere causes  issues in the 3x3 grid (and smaller) as those buttons were designed to be hidden in that grid size. Now, the Description button has been displaced from the first grid screen (if Touch isn’t the current access method). There are also 8 grid screens are accessible because those two buttons were “stored” on grid screens 4 and 8.
User-added image
To fix the problem you need to hide the People and Actions buttons on just in this grid size (3x3). Select and hold on the Hide tool to access a menu shown above, then select Change visibility here. You will see a little icon now appear on the Show/Hide tool to indicator you are only changing the visibility in the current grid. Now you can hide those two buttons, which will make grid screens 3 – 8 inaccessible in Use Mode. Dragging the Description button onto the down scroll button will replace it, returning the Core Words page to a single grid screen, as it was designed to be.
The important thing to remember is that by default the Show/Hide tool affected every grid size. If you are unsure if you really want to show/hide a button everywhere, switch to the Change visibility here option for the Show/Hide tool, so your change only affects the current grid size.