Text Based Pageset Version 1.2 - After editing the macro for OpenKeyboard, it stopped working.

julio 27, 2016

The QWERTY keyboard is the assigned keyboard. I would like the Keyboard - Grid – aligned keyboard to match up with the keyguard. Normally to do this you would edit the macro, but there is a bug associated with the OpenPopup() action and the path to which it is going. Editing it will break the macro and it  will not work. Trying to set it back to the original will also not work.

The steps below are a work-around so the macro will work correctly.

1. Select the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

2.  On the dialog that opens, select Edit Page.
Or - if the Toolbar is active, select the Settings button.

4.  From the Editing Toolbar, select File > Macros.

5.  Select Open Keyboard from the list in the Macro Editor. The Script Editor will open.

6. Edit the OpenPopup action by selecting the green text next to Open Popup. The Page Browser will open.

7.  Navigate up and find the Keyboards folder, and select the desired keyboard, (For example- Keyboard-Grid-aligned.) The Script Editor will reopen.

8. Again Edit the OpenPopup action by selecting and holding on the popup path (green text).  This will bring up the Expression Editor.  Add a "\" to the path, so in this example you would end up with: "\Text-Based Pageset\Keyboards\Keyboard - Grid-aligned"

9. Select the green check mark in the Expression Editor.

10. Select Done on the Script Editor.

11. Select Back on the Macro Editor.

12. Select Exit.  (You will not be prompted to savebecause you did not actually edit the page - just the macro.)

Test your Keyboard button to verify it goes to the desired keyboard.