TD Talk - Switching to Assistive Touch

noviembre 15, 2021

Switching to Assistive Touch from TD Talk
You’ll use AssistiveTouch to navigate outside of TD Talk. It will automatically toggle off when you open TD Talk again.
From the TD Talk keyboard, look below the eye tracker to open the Off-Screen Menu, then select the AssistiveTouch Toggle. The Pointer (gray circle) will appear on the screen and follow your gaze.
Assistive touch toggle.JPG
Look at the AssistiveTouch Menu Button until the AssistiveTouch Menu opens.
Assistive touch menu.JPG
Look at Home in the AssistiveTouch Menu until the Home screen appears.
Assistive touch Menu1.JPG
Move the AssistiveTouch Button.
You may need to move the AssistiveTouch Button around the screen to get it out of your way.
Select Move Menu in the AssistiveTouch Menu, then hold your gaze on the
screen where you would like the AssistiveTouch Menu Button to be.