TD Pilot Power Management Best Practice

febrero 03, 2022

TD Pilot Power Management Best Practice

When to Charge

It would be best to leave the TD Pilot turned on and plugged into the charger over night, or whenever you are not using it. The only reason to turn it off is for storage or transport (i.e. whenever it's not possible to plug it into the charger).

Please note:

  • There is not a sleep option for the TD Pilot. When the TD Pilot is turned on, the eye tracker is always active, even when the iPad screen is locked. Because of this, the batteries will drain when the TD Pilot is turned on and not connected to external power. If you notice the TD Pilot needs to be charged more often than the iPad and the iPad seems to be charged all the time, use the suggestion above.
  • The TD Pilot must be turned on when connected to external power in order for the iPad to charge too

How to Charge Your Device

To charge your TD Pilot:
  1. Connect the power cable to the charging port on the side of the TD Pilot base, then plug the power cord into an outlet.
  2. Press the power button on the back of the TD Pilot to power it on. You’ll see a green LED light below the power button. The base must be turned on to charge the iPad.
Please note: The average run time for the TD Pilot is approximately 10 hours when properly charged. The time required to fully charge the TD Pilot is 4 hours.

TD Pilot Batteries

The TD Pilot device (which includes the TD Pilot case and the iPad) has two built-in batteries. One battery located in the iPad and the other in the TD Pilot Base.
To check the battery status of the iPad in the TD Pilot
  • In TD Talk the battery status will be shown in the top right corner of the screen.
  • In TD Snap the battery status is displayed on the Dashboard.
  • In TD CoPilot, Select Settings, Select Battery
To check the battery status of the TD Pilot Base in the TD Pilot:
  • Momentarily press the power button while the unit is on.
  • In TD CoPilot, Select Settings, Select Battery

An indication of battery level will appear on the Partner Window for a couple of seconds showing the battery status of the TD Pilot Base. There is no battery indicator (e.g. LED) that sends out a warning when the battery is low. Power is shared between the iPad device battery and the TD Pilot battery so that the TD Pilot's battery will drain faster than the iPad under normal use, or evenly under continuous use. iPad will produce its own warning on the iPad device screen at 10% and 5% remaining. Normally this means that the TD Pilot battery is running low too.

Typical Average run time is approximately 10 hours
Battery charging time is  4 hours