TD Kiosk Mode

septiembre 15, 2023

TD Kiosk Mode
Tobii Dynavox Kiosk Mode is a tool that sets up a local user account on a Windows based device that only allows use and access to TD Snap. All other applications are inaccessible to the kiosk user once logged into kiosk mode. This tool has been created to provide a solution for Microsoft Kiosk users who were no longer able to use TD Snap in Kiosk Mode as of the TD Snap v1.26.0.3330 update.
Before Getting Started
If a Microsoft Kiosk user already exists TD Kiosk Mode will remove the Microsoft Kiosk user. It is recommended to back up the user data for TD Snap in the Kiosk user before using TD Kiosk Mode as the user data will be removed as well. It is also recommended to add a password to the existing Admin user account on the device if this has not been done already. Instructions for adding a password to the existing user account can be found here:
Once Kiosk Mode has been set up, a keyboard will be required to exit Kiosk Mode. It is important to have this available to exit Kiosk Mode. ALT+F4 will close Snap. The device can then be restarted, shut down or can be signed into the existing user account.
TD Snap Tips for Kiosk Mode
Tip 1: Add a password to the TD Snap Settings Menu so it can only be accessed using the password. This is found in System Settings. Also, hide any Top Bar buttons that should not be accessed by the Kiosk user (Sync, Lightbulb, etc.).
Tip 2: Do not add buttons with actions such as: minimize, launch application, restart device, shutdown device, or toggle full-screen mode. If buttons such as these exist on the pages, it is recommended to hide or delete them.
Tip 3: Perform TD Snap updates in the local admin account and NOT the Kiosk user.
Known Issues
  1. For Windows 10: Unable to back up, restore, import or export users or pages locally while in Kiosk Mode. Workaround: This can be done through myTobiiDynavox.
  2. Eye Tracking is not a supported Access Method in Kiosk Mode (Calibration and Track Status are blocked applications).
TD Kiosk Mode: Installation
Minimum Requirements
                                                     Windows 11 Pro        Windows 10 Pro         Windows 10 IoT
OS Version                                    v22H2                        v22H2                        v21H2
OS Build                                        22621.2134              19045.2965               19044.2965
TD Snap Version                           v1.26.0.3330             v1.26.0.3330             v1.26.0.3330
MS App Installer Version               v1.19.10173.0           v1.20.1881.0             v1.20.1881.0

Installation Steps
  1. An Internet connection is required for installation. First, verify that the device is connected to the Internet.
  2. Verify that the minimum requirements listed above are met for the Operating System, Windows App Installer, and TD Snap. Updating to the latest version of TD Snap is recommended.
  3. Open a web browser on the device and visit the following link to download the Kiosk Mode installer:  Note: This installer may also be downloaded on another computer and saved to a USB Flash Drive if necessary).
  4. Use the File Explorer to navigate to the TDKioskMode.appinstaller file. (If downloaded from the web browser on the device, the file will be in the Downloads folder).filebroswer.JPG
  5. Launch TDKioskMode.
  6. The Microsoft App Installer will open with the information for TD Kiosk Mode.Select Install.InstallTDKiosk.JPG
The App Installer will show the progress of the installation. Once completed, the App Installer will close and automatically launch the TD Kiosk Modetool.gettingthingsready.JPG

TD Kiosk Mode: Windows 10

Set up kiosk mode for TD Snap
  1. If setting up kiosk mode after installing, the Kiosk Mode tool should already be open. If the tool is already installed, open the tool using the following steps:  Select the Start Menu  and locate and open the TD Kiosk Mode.
  2.  By default, the new account will be named "Kiosk". To change the name, select in the text field and enter the name for the new account.
  3. Select Continue.add a name.JPG
  4. A progress bar will show indicating that the account is being setup up.please wait.JPG
  5. Important Note: It is possible that the tool will need to re-provision TD Snap. If this is the case, select Yes to proceed. This step can take several minutes. If no prompt shows, continue to Step 6.
  6. Once completed, a message will show indicating that the account has been set up. Kiosk Mode can now be logged into immediately by selecting OK to reboot the device and log into Kiosk Mode automatically or select Cancel to log into Kiosk Mode at a different time. Take note of the instructions for exiting Kiosk Mode (Using a USB Keyboard, select ALT+F4 to close TD Snap, then sign out of Windows).operationcompletel.JPG
  7. Once the device has been rebooted, Kiosk Mode will set up and automatically log in.
  8. Select the large TD Snap icon to open TD Snap.
Remove Kiosk Mode from TD Snap
  1. If Kiosk Mode is no longer required, it can be removed using the tool. If the user data for TD Snap is still needed, back up the user to mytobiidynavox or to a USB Flash Drive so that it can be restored later.
  2. Once ready to remove Kiosk Mode, connect a USB keyboard to the device
  3. Press ALT + F4 and release
  4. TD Snap will close
  5. Touch the screen
  6. Select the Users icon above the power button
  7. Select the main user Account
  8. Select Sign In
  9. The main user account will now be logged in
  10. Select the Start Menu
  11. Locate and open the TD Kiosk Mode.Remove Kiosk mode.JPG
  12. Select Remove Kiosk Moderemovekiosk2.JPG
  13. Select Continue.confirm.JPG
  14. A progress bar will show indicating that the account is being removed.Progressbar.JPG
Once complete, a message stating that the operation succeeded will show. Selecting OK will reboot the device immediately and finish the removal process or Cancel can be selected to complete the reboot at another time.Windows


Windows 11
Follow the same installation as Windows 10. The one difference will be the desktop. It will show icons: however, TD Snap will automatically start. The icons on the desktop will be blocked from opening.