Stoke & Brain Injury Persona Pageset - How to Create a Photo Story

julio 27, 2016

1.  Select the Photo Stories topic from the NavBar.

2.  Select the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen.  kA1G00000008uBxKAI_en_US_1_2

3. Select one of the New Photo Story buttons.

4.  Select the Properties button in the upper left corner of the New Photo Storybutton you have selected.

5.  Select the Contenttab.

6.  Change the label and symbol to the name of your photo story.
7.  Select the Misc. tab.

8.  Select the check box next to Hidden to make this button visible.

9.  Select SavekA1G00000008uBxKAI_en_US_1_7

10.  Select the photo story that you just created.

11.  Your photo story will be empty. Select the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen.  kA1G00000008uBxKAI_en_US_1_9

12.  On the Page 1 tab, select the photo box, then select the Properties button.
13.  Select the Select button.  kA1G00000008uBxKAI_en_US_1_11

14.  Select the Images tab.

15.  Select the first picture to use.
16.  Select the Select button at the top right corner of the screen. kA1G00000008uBxKAI_en_US_1_13

17.  Select in the text area.

18.  Select the Properties button at the top left corner of the text area.
19.  In the Label field, type a caption for your picture.

20.  Select the Page 2 tab to continue to add content to your photo story.
You can add only as many pages as you can fill with images and captions. The unused pages will not appear when you are playing the photo story.
21.  Select Save when you are finished entering images and captions.  kA1G00000008uBxKAI_en_US_1_16