Set up a single instructor account

octubre 01, 2018

Please note this article applies only to District subscription accounts.
Instructors with admin privileges in your district can set up other instructor accounts.
  1. Select Admin > Instructor Roster Management. The Manage Instructors page will open.
  2. Select Add Now from the Add an Instructor section at the bottom of the page. 
    Add Instructor 
    The Add Instructor- Email address dialog will open. 
    Add Instructor - Email address
  3. Enter the instructor’s email address in the Email Address field. Then select Check Availability. If the email address is available, the Add Instructor dialog will open. 
    Add Instructor
  4. Enter a salutation, first, and last name in the appropriate fields. 
    Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.
  5. Enter a Username for the instructor. 
    Note: When selecting Usernames, it’s best to use a regular pattern, such as <first initial><last name.>
  6. In the Password field:
    • Enter a password for the instructor. The password is case sensitive and must be at least six characters long. 
    • Do not enter a password and select Generate. The system will automatically generate a random password.
  7. Select an access level for the instructor from the drop-down list.
    • Instructor - An instructor can manage the students assigned to them, including assigning activities, editing access settings, managing IEP goals, and running reports -  but has no administrative access.
    • Instructor with admin privileges - In addition to the access allowed to an instructor, the instructor with admin privileges can access instructor and student roster management functions.  
    • Instructor with organization admin privileges- The instructor with organization admin privileges can access all administrative controls available on the site, including district account management, standards management, bulk export of instructor account information, district account settings, and organization level reporting with filters.
  8. (Optional) Browse for and upload a profile photo.
  9. If you want this instructor to be an account contact, select the Make this user an account contact check box. Then enter all of the personal information in the bottom section of the Add Instructor dialog (job title, phone number, etc.) 
    Note: It is not necessary to add the instructor’s personal information if you do not want the instructor to be an account contact.
  10. Select either:
    • Save and Continue- this will open the Assign Students dialog to enable you to select the students you want to assign to this instructor. Then select Finish and Close. 
    • Save and Close- Closes the Assign Students dialog and opens the Manage Instructors page.

After you have set up the account, the instructor will receive an email, similar to the one pictured below, with their username and a link to create a password.

Welcome to Boardmaker, Your profile has been created!

Follow steps 1 through 10 above to continue adding instructors to your district account.