Sample student overview tutorial

octubre 01, 2018

To help you learn the basics of your Boardmaker Achieve Professional account, we’ve provided three sample student accounts for you to explore. The purpose of this guide is to use the sample students to demonstrate some basic features and give you examples of how to use Boardmaker Achieve with your own students. If you need more information along the way, please visit the Help and Training Center for videos, tutorials and the User’s Guide.

Meet the sample students!

Each sample student has their own unique learning needs, IEP goals, and assigned activities that have already been aligned to educational standards. Get to know each student by reviewing the information below before we get started.



Classroom Placement: Special Education/Autism Classroom
Grade: Kindergarten
Student Characteristics:
  • Sensory driven
  • Often in distress
  • Works best in familiar routines
  • Highly dependent on communication partner to translate intent
  • Excellent memory for locating highly motivating symbols.


Classroom Placement:Special Education
Grade: 3rd
Student Characteristics:
  • Difficulty integrating new information
  • Gives up when reading is difficult or uninteresting
  • Easily distracted during reading activities


Classroom Placement: General Ed/Reading Resource
Grade: 2nd
Student Characteristics:
  • Uses a combination of strategies to communicate (speech, gestures, AAC, etc.)
  • Can independently make choices
  • Communicates best in familiar routines
  • Can independently make requests and comments

Sample Student Accounts

After logging into your Boardmaker Achieve Professional account, you will see the Homepage. This provides easy access to some of the most common operations within the software. From the Homepage you will have direct access to each of your students’ profile pages where you can manage every aspect of your their learning and progress. Select the name of one of the sample students to access their profile page.
Hint: You can also access student profiles by selecting the Students menu button in the navigation bar and then selecting Student Management.
The Student Profile menu allows you to manage each student’s account setting, activities, IEP goals and performance information. You can freely explore any menu. Just remember to select Cancel to close the menu without making any changes.

Try it
  1. Select Edit Profile to see the type of information that is required to create a student profile. When you start to add your own students, this is the process you will go through.
  2. Select the Edit link to view student user and accessibility settings. These settings will impact ALL of the activities that have been assigned to this particular student.

Sample Student Assignments

All activities that have been assigned to the student will appear on the Assignments tab.
Each activity in the student’s assignment list provides information and tools that you will need to manage it. You can get more detailed information by clicking on the name of the activity.
The yellow toolbar next to each activity contains buttons that will allow you to:
  • Play Activity
  • Edit Activity Settings
  • Remove Activity
You also have the ability to choose whether the activity will be played in Supported Mode or Independent Mode. With Supported Mode, the student will receive feedback while the activity is being played. Students will be alerted whether they got the answer right or wrong and prompted to try again. With Independent mode, the student will receive no feedback until the activity has been completed. Supported Mode is a great option as students practice and learn new concepts. Independent Mode is a useful way to assess student knowledge after a new concept has been studied.

Try it
Play an activity.
Choose one activity and select either Support or Independent. Click on the Play Activity button. This is a great way for the instructor to preview an activity before presenting it to a student. Try playing the activity in both Supported and Independent Mode so that you can see the difference.

Sample Student IEP Goals

IEP goals have been added for each of the sample students. Click on the IEP tab on the Student Profile page to take a closer look. You can see that each of the goals has been associated with an activity and educational standard. Associating IEP goals to activities and educational standards can assist you when determining if a student’s goal or objective is met.
There are several tools available to help you manage each IEP goal.
The tool buttons, moving from left to right will allow you to:
  1. Associate Standard
  2. Associate Activity
  3. Manage Goal
  4. Add Note
  5. Delete Goal
Try it
Explore goals, activities and standards.
Click on the different IEP Goals management tools to see all the options you have to manage a student’s goals and align activities to standards.
Add an IEP goal.
Click on the Add Goal button and add a new goal for one of the sample students.

Sample Student Activities in Classroom View

An easy way to present activities to students is through the classroom View. Just select the Students menu button and then select My Classroom View.

Classroom View is a great option if you are presenting student activities on an interactive whiteboard, in a computer lab or on student issued iPads (Coming Soon!). Each student will simply need to select their picture to access their assigned activities.
Try it
Explore Classroom View!
Select one of the students in the Classroom View and complete a few activities.

Note: In order to see performance results, you must first play and complete an activity.

Sample Student Progress Results

As students work on and complete their activities, data is being collected. To see how students are performing in relation to their IEP goals, you will want to click on the Progress tab in the student profile menu.

Note: In order to view performance results, you must first complete one of the sample student activities.
If you would like more detailed information about how the student performed on a particular activity, select the Performance Results tab.
Performance results allow you to view detailed information about how the student interacted with their assigned activities. Click on the expansion buttons next to the activity session to review all results.

Removing or Archiving Sample Students

You can delete or remove the sample students at any time. Doing so will open up three additional accounts for you to use for your own students.
  1. Select the Students menu button and then select Student Management.
  2. Select Delete next to the student name.
Deleting a student will deactivate their login, but will not permanently discard their data. It is possible to reactivate a student account. Are you sure you want to delete the selected student?

Help and Training

We know how important it is to have all the information you need, organized and in one place. Selecting the Help menu button will give you access to all of the materials you will need to become a Boardmaker Achieve pro! Use the keyword search or browse the different topics. Step-by-step tutorials, videos and implementation ideas, are all just a click away!

Next Steps

Now you are ready to start adding your own student accounts to Boardmaker Achieve! It is recommended that you download and review the Getting Started With Your Boardmaker Achieve Professional Account Guide.