NavBar Pageset - Adding and Linking New Behavior Supports

julio 27, 2016

Adding a New Behavior Support

1. Select the topic that the new support will be linked to.
2.  Select the Settings button on the Toolbar. kA1G00000008u8PKAQ_en_US_1_0

3.  Select Page Browser.

4.  Select the Up arrow to navigate to the Behavior Supports folder.  kA1G00000008u8PKAQ_en_US_1_2

5.  Select the Behavior Supports folder.


6.  Select Manage.

7.  Select New PagekA1G00000008u8PKAQ_en_US_1_5

8.  Select the Behavior Supports folder.


9.  Select the template you want to create, and then select the green Create button at the top right corner of the screen.


10.  Select the Page Name field and type the name of your new Behavior Support page.


Select the green Done button when finished.

Linking a New Behavior Support

Now that you have created your new Behavior Support page, follow these steps to link it:

1.  Select the File button and select Open.


2.  Select the Behavior Supports Menu page. Then select the green Select button.


3. Select a blank Link a Support button. Then select the Properties button on the Link a Support button.

4.  Select the Label field and type a name for the button.

5.  Select the Select  button to place a symbol on the button.

6.  Select a symbol, and then select the green Select button.


7.  Select Edit to edit and add actions.  kA1G00000008u8PKAQ_en_US_1_15

8.  In the Script Editor, select Pages and Popups from the drop-down list in the left viewport. Then select the Open Page() action.


9.   Navigate to the page that you want to open, then select the page and choose the Selectbutton in the top-right hand corner.


10.  Select Done.

11.  By default, your button will be hidden. Select the Misc tab, and clear the check box next to Hidden.


12.  Select File, Save, then Exit. 

Test your page to ensure you’ve linked it correctly.  Once it’s been linked, you can edit the support to your liking.