NavBar Pageset - Adding and Changing Topic Names in the Navigation Bar

julio 27, 2016

1.  Select the Settings button.  kA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_0

2.  Select Page Browser.
3.  Select the Manage button at the top right corner of the screen.  kA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_1

4.  Select your new page.
5.  Select the Rename button in the button bar. kA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_2

6.  Type a new name for the page and select OK.

7.  Select DonekA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_3

8.  Select BackkA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_4

9.  Select Toolbar Editor.

10.  Select Topics.

11.  Select Edit Items.

12.  Scroll down until you see your new topic and select it.

13.  Select Link PagekA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_6

14.  Select the page you created or renamed.

15.  Select the Selectbutton.  kA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_7

16.  Select SavekA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_8
17.  Select Back until you have exited all menus. kA1G00000008uAQKAY_en_US_1_9