Microsoft ends support of Windows XP

junio 06, 2016

Microsoft will after 12 years officially end support for Windows XP on 08 April 2014. After this date, there will be no further security updates or technical assistance from Microsoft to Windows XP whatsoever. Microsoft has been informing about this in the news and their own communication channels and will also push out a pop up message to all Windows XP users via their Windows update service.

How will this affect you as a MyTobii P10 user?

It means as well that Tobii in case of a repair will have to install Windows XP with the image we have access too. It could also mean that future updates to Tobii software such as Communicator might require software updates that are no longer available for Windows XP. Tobii will only be able to run limited test for Windows XP compatibility for future Tobii updates.

The MyTobii P10 runs Windows XP. After 08 April 2014, you will not receive any more automatic Windows updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for download and in a second phase stop supplying antimalware signature updates for MSE. Your computer will still work after support from Microsoft ends. Your MyTobii software, Tobii Communicator, etc will continue working too. However, please be aware that your P10 might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. We recommend you to look for an alternative antivirus protection if you use Microsoft Security Essentials.

How much longer will Tobii support and repair P10?

End of Support and Service for the My Tobii P10 ends in April 2016, or 5 years after purchase, whichever date comes first but only as long as our spare parts supply lasts.


Can't a user just update a P10 to Vista/7 or 8?

The MyTobii P10 has been tested and certified to run with Windows XP. Tobii does not offer support for installing different operating systems and in case of a repair, we have to redeploy all units to Windows XP. We cannot support any problems related to a possible update.


Where do I get more information?

Microsoft released an article about the risks that can be found in various languages. See links below. Please contact your local sales rep,, if you want to discuss alternative options.