LEO is not speaking the correct messages.

julio 29, 2016

There are five scenarios that might cause this.

1. LEO didn't recognize the card or Card ID label.

Solution: Make sure the Card ID label is installed correctly in the lower left corner on the back of the card. Also make sure that the card is the correct size (number of cells) and that it is inserted completely. Pull the card out of LEO about 3 inches and reinsert. LEO will reread the Card ID label and load the correct set of messages.

2. The card you have inserted has the same number Card ID as a previous card you programmed. Once you program a card with messages, LEO stores that message set by the number on the card. If you insert a different card with the same Card ID label, LEO has no way of knowing it is a different card, and recalls the messages for the card number you initially programmed with messages.

Solution: If LEO has space for another new card, put that number Card ID label on the card you want to use. If LEO is filled (has the number of stored cards for its current configuration), you can reprogram L*E*O for the card you want to use; this will erase the messages for the original card with that number.

3. The grid currently in place does not match the number of cells on the card that you inserted. Consider the situation of having an 8-cell card in place and the 32-cell grid, but not with the 8-cell grid. LEO may speak a message that was recorded for that cell in the last 32-cell card you used. Or, if you have a 32-cell card in place with an 8-cell grid, the cells become grouped so that pressing any of the four cells in the upper left corner of LEO will speak the same message, the one that was recorded for the second cell in the top row.

Solution: Make sure that you first install a grid, then a numbered card with a matching number of cells. If the cell number matches the grid size, simply slide the card out a few inches, then reinsert. LEO will be ready with the correct set of messages.

4. The LEO card you inserted does not have a Card ID label on the back. A card with no number is treated as Card 1 by LEO. Inserting an unnumbered card will cause LEO to speak the messages recorded previously on a different unnumbered card.

Solution: Apply a Card ID label to the back left corner of the card. You will need to insert the card, then re-record your messages so that LEO can store them for future use.

5. The grid is not inserted properly.

Solution: Remove and reinstall the grid. Make sure that the grid is inserted so that it is flush with the front of the LEO along all four edges.