IR Remote Control functionality on an Indi

mayo 03, 2017

Remote pages are available from the Dashboard.
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Snap comes with nine different remote pages that can be customized. Right now, commands have to be taught to each button individually.

In order to add a IR command to a button, go into Edit Mode, then select Button > Action > Add Action > Send IR Signal, then follow the on-screen instructions.
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This can be a time consuming process. In future versions of Snap you should be able to select a remote from a manufacturers list and which will populate the remote pages with all the necessary commands. 

Currently, there is no functionality for Favorite Channels. This is planned for a future release.

Note: Snap remotes do not work on the Tobii Dynavox I-Series devices.

Note: Changing the grid size may expose additional command buttons, or pages with other command buttons, that will need to taught the proper commands.