In TD Phone, how do I get my text messages and phone calls to pop up with the caller's name instead of their phone number?

agosto 01, 2023

In TD Phone, under Messages or on the pop-ups, seeing a phone number instead of the caller's name can cause great confusion.  If you are seeing phone numbers instead of names, please make sure of the following.

Caller's names will only appear if they are in your contacts.  If someone calls that is not on your contact list you will only see a phone number.  Add that caller to the contacts on your phone and reimport the contacts if you want to see their name in the future.

If a caller is already in your contacts, but their phone number still appears when they call please follow these steps...

  1. Ask your contact to send you a text message.
  2. In your Messages list, note the exact number that appears; including any symbols such as + signs.
  3. On your phone, edit the contact and replace that contact's phone number with the numbers and symbols that you noted in the previous step.
  4. Once you have completed editing the contact on your phone, re-import the contacts into TD Phone.
There may be instances when an email address appears instead of a phone number or contact's name.  This can happen if the caller is texting you from a tablet, like an iPad, that is not linked to a phone.  In these situations, since the email address is not linked to a phone, it is not possible for the contact's name to appear.

Finally, one point to remember is that whenever a change is made to the phone's contacts, the contacts need to be re-imported into TD Phone in order to get the update.