I have emails showing up in the inbox without subjects

julio 20, 2016

If emails are corrupt in Tobii Communicator, you can attempt to repair them. To repair email corruption follow these steps:

1. Hit F10 to view the menu bar.
2. Select Settings > Email Settings...
3. Select the Advanced tab.
4. Choose the Folders... button.
5. Select the folder with the status of Corrupt and choose Repair.
6. Choose OK and then OK again from Email Settings.
7. The corrupt emails will be gone.

If you have it set up to leave a copy of the message on the server, then you can download them again with the following step.

1. Close out of Communicator
2. Delete the uidl file in the Email folder located in the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\[P10 User or the Windows logged in user]\Application Data\Viking Software\Communicator\4\Users\[Guest or the Communicator logged in user]\Settings\Email

3. Go back into Communicator and check your email. The emails should return.