I get an error message saying "There was problem when loading the settings file"

junio 14, 2016

When starting MyTobii you see an error message that says: "There was a problem loading the settings.xml file"
This problem can occur in MyTobii version 2.4.5 and earlier.

To fix this you need to remove the settings.xml file that is causing the problem.
The settings file is found in the application data folder: Start>All Programs>Tobii>MyTobii>Application data folder
Locate settings.xml and rename or delete the file. MyTobii will, upon the next launch of the software, generate a new settings file.

Please note, that you will be required to recalibrate your unit, as well as reset all personal settings you may have entered (e.g. mail settings, chat settings etc.).

After the file has been reset we advise that you update to the latest MyTobii version found on the TobiiDynavox website.