How To Use Tamira and Darius in TD Talk

junio 27, 2022

Tamira and Darius
The first African American adult digital AAC voices
To use Tamira or Darius in TD Talk follow these steps:
  1. Select the off screen menu to access the settings.
  2. Select Open under the Voice option
  3. Select Voices under the Your Voice/s Option.
  4. Find “Tamira or Darius” in the list and select the download option.
  5. Once downloaded make sure the voice you want is selected. Exit the menu by selecting the X in the upper right corner.
At Tobii Dynavox, we know that our AAC community is diverse, and it is important to us that each of our community members feels represented when they use our products. As part of our commitment to diversification, we were excited to collaborate with Acapela Group, as well as with AssistiveWare and PRC-Saltillo, to bring Tamira, and now Darius, the first African American adult digital AAC voices, to life!

Learn more about how the Darius voice was developed