How to perform the TD Snap Windows Certificate Migration

febrero 25, 2022

TD Snap Windows Certificate Migration 
Due to recent changes to the Tobii Dynavox corporate structure, TD Snap for Windows needs to undergo a special, one-time migration step in order to have access to the latest features and updates. Note that there is no corresponding migration required for TD Snap for iOS; it will continue to update normally. 

For Users and Caregivers
The easiest way to do the migration is by first making sure TD Snap is up to date, then selecting the red triangle button in the top bar. This will open a dialog describing the process and allow you to get started. Once started, TD Snap will automatically download and install the new version, as well as copy over all user data (Users, Page Sets, purchases, etc.). The process will also launch the new version and uninstall the old version. Once completed, you’ll be looking at the new version of TD Snap with all your content just like it was before. 
For IT Administrators 
If there is not a requirement to preserve the user data in TD Snap, the old version can simply be uninstalled and the new version installed. The new version can be found on As always, this can be installed either using the App Installer app, which opens by double-clicking the .appinstaller file, or it can be installed via PowerShell, using the “Add-AppxPackage -AppInstallerFile <path-to-.appinstaller-file>” command. 

If there is a requirement to preserve the user data in TD Snap, the migration process should be run. This can be done via TD Snap, as described above. Alternatively, there is a PowerShell script that can be used directly to perform the migration outside of TD Snap, if desired. The PowerShell script can be downloaded at the “Get-Help <path-to-script-file>” command for help running the migration PowerShell script directly.