How to pair a bluetooth speaker

julio 31, 2016

To use the external speaker with your Tobii M8 or any other bluetooth enabled computer, please follow the below steps:
Windows 8:
1. Power the Bluetooth speaker off and back on
2. Open Charms Menu by swiping in from the right side of the screen
3. Open Settings
4. Select Change PC Settings (or Control Panel if you are in Desktop view)
5. Select PC and Devices (or Hardware and Sound if you are in Desktop view)
6. Select Bluetooth (or Devices and Printers if you are in desktop view - add device)
7. Make sure Bluetooth is on and select the correct speaker to pair with.
8. In Windows sound settings - Playback devices disable "Headset Earphone - Boombotix REX Hands-Free" and make sure that "Headphones - Boombotix REX Stereo" is enabled and set as default audio device.