How to Manage Teacher Mode Passcode within ALL and override password

noviembre 17, 2017

The Teacher Mode Passcode keeps unauthorized users (students) out of the Teacher Mode area of the ALL software. When in Student Mode, the correct passcode is required to access Teacher Mode.

1. In Teacher Mode, select Global Settings.
2. Check the Enabled box beside Teacher Mode Passcode. If the box is already checked, select Change Passcode.
3. Enter the four digit passcode you would like to use. Use something unique and difficult to guess.
4. Enter the passcode again to verify it.
5. To test your passcode, select Go to Student Mode, then select Go to Teacher Mode. The Enter Passcode popup will open.
6. Enter your passcode. The correct passcode will allow you to enter teacher mode.

To disable the teacher mode passcode, simply uncheck the box in Global Settings.

If you forget your passcode, use the universal unlock code 0520 to access Teacher Mode and reset your passcode.