How to Create a New Slot List in Compass

julio 27, 2016

1. Open the Settings Menu.
2. Select Vocabulary.
3. Select Word Lists.
4. Select the folder Slot Lists.
5. Select Manage.
6. Select New Folder. The new folder popup will open.
7. Type a Folder Name into the Label field.
8. Select Browse.
9. Choose a symbol or image, then select the green Select button.
10. Select Save.
11. Select Done.
12. Find the folder you just created and select it.
13. Select Manage.
14. Select New Item.
15. Enter a label and symbol for the vocabulary item, then select Save.
16. Repeat steps 14 and 15 for each vocabulary item you would like to add for the slot list. When you are finished, select the Done button on the top right.