How to Change a Student in ALL

octubre 02, 2017

Change Student Change which student is Active in the ALL software.
1. Select the Student Menu.
2. Choose Change Student. The Select Student dialog will open.
3. Select the student you would like to be active, then select OK.

Change Student — Create a New Student.
1. In Teacher Mode, select the Student Menu.
2. Choose Create New Student.
3. Enter the first and last name of the student.
4. Select the calendar to set the student’s date of birth.
5. Choose the birth month and year, then the day. Press OK to save.
6. If desired, select the button to use a custom picture for the student. Choose an image saved on your device or take a picture if your device has a camera.
7. In the Image Preference menu, choose whether you want the student to see photos or PCS symbols in their activities and books.
8. In the Access Method menu, choose an appropriate way for the student to make selections in the software. See section 6 Access Methods.
9. Select OK to save your new student.