How should I set up my AssistiveTouch menu on the TD Pilot?

noviembre 15, 2021

Customizing the AssistiveTouch Menu

AssistiveTouch is designed for people who have difficulty touching the screen and is used for people who use eye control on the iPad. The AssistiveTouch menu allows you to use "touch" functions, such as tap and scroll through eye gaze. It also provides gaze-accessible shortcuts to items like the Home screen and App Switcher. AssistiveTouch is used for access via eye gaze in all iOS apps, except for Tobii Dynavox communication apps like TD Snap and TD Talk.
NOTE: AssistiveTouch is not intended to be used for TD Talk and TD Snap. The TD Talk and TD Snap apps allow for eye gaze input without AssistiveTouch enabled.
  1. Select the Settings Icon in the iPad's iOS
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Select Touch.
  4. Select AssistiveTouch
  5. Toggle AssistiveTouch ON. Note: Eye Gaze is now enabled You will see the Pointer, which shows the location of your eye gaze. The AssistiveTouch menu button appears on the right side of the screen.
    If you are prompted to customize the Top Level Menu, select Cancel.
  6. Drag the AssistiveTouch menu button to the top third of the screen on the right side.
Customizing AssistiveTouch
  1. Select the SettingsIcon in the iPad's iOS
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Select Touch.
  4. Select AssistiveTouch
  5. Select the Customize Top Level Menu.
  6. Tap + to change the number of icons to 8.
  7. Tap Notification Center.
  8. Swipe to the bottom of the list and tap Toggle Pause/Resume Dwell. Tap outside the list to close it.
  9. Tap the Gesturesbutton.
  10. Swipe to and then tap Move Menu. Tap anywhere outside the menu to close it.
  11. Continue editing the menu icons until your menu matches the one shown below.  image.png
  12. On the left, select Accessibility.
  13. On the right, select Touch.
  14. On the right, select AssistiveTouch.