How much iOS support can I expect on TD Pilot and SC Tablet Devices?

mayo 05, 2022

This article outlines the scope of iOS support that Tobii Dynavox Technical Support offers on the TD Pilot and SC Tablet devices.

Fully supported:
TD Pilot and SC Tablet Hardware
Tobii Dynavox Apps (ex: TD Snap, TD CoPilot, TD Talk, etc.)
Any assistive touch or iOS settings related to running Tobii Dynavox software or eye tracking.

Limited support:
We will make our best effort to try and resolve issues that are not related to our hardware or software.  This includes but is not limited to synching with iPhones, using 3rd party apps, and using iOS stock apps.  However, if we are unable to resolve the issue, we will direct customers to Apple or a 3rd party app developer for further assistance.
Common examples

  • Connecting a Tobii Dynavox iPad with an iPhone - Sending text messages and making calls.
  • App Store, iOS apps, and 3rd Party Apps –Difficulty with signing into the App Store, getting refunds for Apps purchased through the App Store, or using 3rd party apps.