How do I use a different language with symbols in Boardmaker Version 6?

junio 25, 2019

The PCS libraries that came with your software are translated into many different languages. You may change the displayed language, add a second language line, or set a different search language.

  1. Open the Symbol Finder.
  2. Click the Symbol Finder Settings button.
  3. Use the drop-down menus to select the desired languages for the Line 1 Language and/or Line 2 Language.
  4. Click the OK button when finished.
Changing the Line 1 Language changes the Search Language to match. You can set the Search Language independently after setting the Line 1 Language.
Note: Some languages require special fonts and font scripts to display their text correctly. The fonts and scripts for the Eastern European languages are available within Windows 2000 or higher if Multi-language Support is enabled in the Windows Setup.