How do I update the firmware of my Eyetracker?

julio 29, 2016

New firmware updates are distributed as part of Tobii Gaze Interaction Software updates. If a firmware update is available after aTobii Gaze Interaction Software update, a pop up notification will appear once you run Tobii Gaze Interactions Settings.

  1. Open Update notifier to make sure you have the latest version of Tobii Gaze Interaction Software installed, if not, download and update it.
  2. Open Tobii Gaze Interaction Settings
  3. Click on system information on the left side menu
  4. Click on Upgrade next to "Eyetracker-Firmware-Version"
  5. Follow the instructions
Do not shut down the device at any point of the upgrade until it is completely finished! A corrupt firmware installation can make your eye tracker unusable and you might need to send it in for repair.
Please Note: