How do I setup an IR remote?

noviembre 20, 2017

  1. If you already have an IR remote page on your home screen, proceed to step 9.  To add an IR remote page to your home screen, proceed to Step 2.
  2. To add an IR Remote page, open the quick menu (touch and hold anywhere on the screen, right click if you are using a mouse, or select Ctrl +M on the keyboard).
  3. Select All Page Sets.
  4. Select Text Communication.
  5. Select IR Remote Controls.
  6. Select the appropriate IR remote page that meets your needs. (Select one and choose View to see a preview of the page).
  7. Select Add to Home Page.
  8. Select X to exit.
  9. From the home screen, select the IR Remote page you want to setup.
  10. Select the button you want to program (ex: Power).
  11. The pop up menu will tell you that the button has no matching IR command. Select Yes to add a new code.
  12. Position the remote in front of the IR receiver and follow the onscreen prompts, (you will be prompted to press and release the button a few times).
  13. The button you programmed will change color if the code has successfully been learned.
  14. Repeat the steps until you have added all the desired remote commands.