How do I play sound through the speakers of a HDMI connected device?

julio 29, 2016

. You can now select which audio sources should use HDMI Audio as the preferred playback device.Playback Devices will be available in the drop down lists under HDMI Audio). When the I-Series is connected to a HDMI device, Settings - Sound SettingsIf you want to play sound from a external device connected to your I-Series through HDMI, you will have to manually change audio output to HDMI. This is done through Tobii Communicator's sound menu (
If you want the setting to apply to all sound coming from the I-Series device,
you can also change the default playback device in Windows. To do so, right click the speaker icon in the Windows system
.Set as default device output in the list, right click it and select HDMI audio, find the Playback Devicestray (bottom right), select