How do I enable track button usage in Snap?

febrero 27, 2019

  1. Select the Edit button.
  2. Select the User tab.
  3. Select the Data Tracking category.
  4. Set Track button usage to On.
  5. Read the data privacy warning and select Yes to enable Track button usage. If you do not want to enable Track button usage, select No.
You can view button use counts right in the Snap software by enabling Show button usage counts and/or Show modeling counts.

Button usage tracking, when enabled, happens whenever the Snap software is used. For accurate usage data, it is important to differentiate between button selections made by the user and modeling selections made by a caregiver or communication partner. If the user interacts with Snap through a non-touch access method (Mouse Dwell, Gaze Interaction, or Scanning), any button selections made using touch are automatically recorded as modeling. If the user interacts with Snap through a touch based Access Method, then the caregiver must enable Modeling mode before making any modeling selections, then disable it again before the user makes their next selection.

If Track button usage is enabled and the user has a touch-based Access Method, make sure that Show top bar button is also enabled.

When you share a Page Set that has usage data, you will have the option to include or not include the usage information.