How do I edit a behavior support in Snap?

marzo 29, 2017

How do I edit a behavior support
           The behavior supports in Snap are not actual pages. They are generated by Snap from the data you enter in a Behavior Support actions.
   1. Navigate the Supports Menu page that contains the support to be edited.
   2. In the Editor, select the button for the support to be edited.
   3. Select the Button editing panel tab, then select Actionpanel.
       Select the arrow icon for the support action.
User-added image
   5. To edit the title or one of the support items, select the text box or the pencil icon.
User-added image
   6. To preview you change(s), scroll to the bottom of the support editing panel and select the              Preview button.
User-added image
       Note: Some supports have setting switches in addition to text/symbol fields.