How do I copy a phrase from Speech History in Communicator 5 and add to another phrase category?

marzo 05, 2020


1.  Open a Communicator 5 keyboard page with a "Phrases" button.

2. Enter Phrases page and select phrase from Speech History category that you would like to place in another category.

3. Press the Green box with check to enter this in to the message window and you will be returned to the keyboard page. 

4. Select the Edit button to get to the editing keyboard menu

.User-added image

5. Select the highlight all text button.

User-added image

6. Then select Copy
  User-added image

or Cut, if you want to remove it from Speech History

User-added image

7.  Exit the keyboard page and then go to My Phrases pageset 

8. Select the phrase category you want to add the phrase to and select "Add New Phrase"

9. Select the Edit button again 

User-added image

and then, Paste button to add phrase to the message window.

.User-added image

10. Press the green keyboard check button and the phrase is now added to the category.