How do I configure switches on an I-Series device?

julio 20, 2016

On an I-Series device, button and switch input can be configured in I-Series Control Center, Tobii Gaze Interaction Software and Tobii Communicator. In Communicator, switch input is used for scanning.
.Scan Settings again, then select Settings. For more detailed scan-settings, go to Tobii I-Series and then Scanning menu, select Input Method In the Input Method. on Communicator's toolbar and then SettingsTo set up scanning in Communicator, select
Tobii Gaze Interaction Software can use switch input for performing a click (instead
.Switch to Activation method tab, set Interactionof focus or blink). To use switch with Eyegaze, launch Tobii Gaze Interaction Settings from the desktop. In the
and choose the action you want the switch to perform.Set Action. Select SwitchesIn I-Series Control Center you can configure both switches and side button input to perform a range of different operations. To assign actions to switches, launch I-Series Control Center from your desktop, and select
For more information on how to configure switches in different applications, please refer to the application's manual.
Please Note:
Make sure that you have not configured multiple applications to utilize the same buttons. If multiple applications are configured to perform actions when button input is received, that might result in confusing behavior. You should for example not assign an action to a switch in I-Series Control Center, if you have set Switch as interaction method in Tobii Gaze Interaction Settings.