How Do I Adjust Switch Settings To Filter Out Unwanted Activations?

agosto 25, 2017

While using switch/scanning access - there are times when the switch is activated more frequently than desired - at times, due to physical conditions, i.e., tremors.

1. Launch Communicator
2. Open the Quick Menu.  
3. Select Advanced Settings
4. Under Input, select Scan Settings
5. On the Customize Scan tab, under Selection Criteria adjust either one, or both, of the following: 
6. Increase the amount of time for Selection when switch is pressed for at least xx seconds - to filter out unwanted quick activations that might happen. 
7. Increase the amount of time for Wait at least xx seconds before registering a new press - to filter out unwanted activations immediately after a desired activation - some folks might tremor, etc. and inadvertently activate the switch again after making the desired one. 
8. Select OK
9. Select the white X in the upper right corner. 
10. Test the settings.

Please Note: make small, subtle, adjustments for steps 6 and 7 - and give some time to try each setting before making further adjustments.