How do I add a Snap Core First icon to my desktop?

marzo 09, 2018

How to create a shortcut for Snap Core First to the Windows 10 Desktop:
1. In the search box (or Cortana) type 'run'.
2. In the search results, you will see Run (desktop app). Select Run.
3. In the Run dialog box, type 'shell:desktop'.  This will open the Desktop folder in the File Explorer.
5. Long-touch (or right-click click with a mouse) within the folder and select New > Shortcut.
6. In the Create Shortcut dialog type '%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c start com.tobiidynavox.snap:' 
NOTE:  The S in system must be capitalized and there is a space between .exe and /c, between c and start, and between start and com. There is a colon at the end of this line. If you enter it wrong you will get an error back.
7. Click Next
8. You will be asked to name the shortcut. Name it SnapCF (or whatever you want, but probably not the suggested Cmd.).

You're done! Snap Core First should appear as an icon on your desktop.