How do I add a recorded message or sound to a button in Snap

marzo 29, 2017

How do I add a recorded message or a sound to a button?
  1. Select your button, then in the Button tab of the editing panel, add a label and/or symbol.
  2. To record a message, press and hold the microphone icon. Snap will record your message while you continue to hold the icon. You will see wave forms to confirm your microphone is working.
Editing a button, selecting the mic icon to the right of the message field
      3. To play your recording, select the play icon. To re-record your message, select the X icon and repeat step 2. If               you are happy with your recording, select the double-arrow icon.
shows recording attached to the message of the button
Note: The current release of Snap as of 11/1/19 does not support playback of sound files already saved to the device, such as .mp3 or .wav files.