How do I add a picture to a button from the camera on the device?

mayo 29, 2018

Here are the steps to add a picture taken from the camera in Communicator 5 to a button.

 In Communicator 5, there is an option to add a photo from the camera on the device onto a single button.  

  1. Go to Page Set that has the button you want to add the picture to.
  2. Go to Edit View. To do so, select Shift + F5 from a keyboard or Right-click on the page set to open the Quick-Access Menu. 
  3. Select Edit Page Set.
  4. Select the button that you would like to put the photo on. The button will become highlighted in red with black squares along the border.
  5. Locate the button editing panel at the top left of your screen.  The second row of the editing panel is labeled “Insert.” Select the “picture” icon at the end of the row.  Note: If that icon is grayed out, the Picture Search tool may already be open on the right side of the page.
  6. Go to the “Picture Search” tool at the right of your screen. Select “Browse.” A standard Windows “Open” dialog box will appear.
  7. Select the folder containing the photos you have taken with your camera.  Note: If you have an Iseries+, the default location for your pictures taken from the camera within the Communicator 5 software is C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\Communicator 5\<User Name>\My Camera Pictures.
  8. Select the photo you would like to insert on the button.
  9. Select “Open.”
  10. Select Insert.  Your photo should appear on the highlighted button.
  11. Save your changes, if needed. Select File in the toolbar at the top and then Save or Save As. Follow the prompts.
  12. Select View in the tool bar at the top and select Run to get out of Edit View.