How can I reinstall my one-time TD Snap purchase onto my personal iPad?

junio 13, 2024

The instructions below are only for those who are using TD Snap on their own personal iPad that they purchased individually.  It does not cover reinstalling TD Snap on Tobii Dynavox devices or through iPads connected to a  corporate or school MDM system.

  1. Open the App Store on the iPad
  2. Select your account icon in the top right-corner of the app store window.
  3. Choose Apps > My Apps
  4. In the Search space, type Snap.
  5. TD Snap should appear if it had been downloaded when logged into that Apple ID in the past.  Make sure to check the date underneath the app to make sure it was originally installed prior to 5/21/2024.  Click on the cloud icon to download and install TD Snap.