Getting started with Expedition Education

octubre 01, 2018

A literacy program that helps middle and high school students build knowledge of the world one country at a time.

  • To access, select Curriculum.
  • Select Use Itto launch the program.
  • On the landing page, see the tiles listing each unit of study.
  • Select Program Documentation. Within this section find:
    • Standards Alignment folder
    • Skills Inventories Implementation Guide
    • Expedition Education White Paper
  • Start with the Foundational Unit. The remainder of the units can be ordered according to your needs.
  • The Quick Lesson Guide is the roadmap for your day-to-day instruction.
  • The Unit At a Glancedefines goals for the unit and identifies important vocabulary.
  • Begin the unit by selecting Book 1.
  • Then select Day 1. Within in this folder you will find:
    • A fully scripted Lesson Plan
    • Activity Sets
    • Individual Activities for the day
  • Use the yellow toolbar to:
    • Preview and download the Lesson Plan.
    • Assign activities to students.
    • Play activities.
    • Add activities to My Playlist.
Happy exploring with Expedition Education!