For I-Series Plus and PC Eye Mini devices with "classic" Gaze Interaction Settings, how do I fix the eye tracker to work in Snap Core First

agosto 06, 2018

Gaze Interaction is selectable in Communicator 5 and works fine in Windows Control as well as in Communicator 5, however, Snap Core First does not see the eye tracker as being installed and therefore unable to choose such as an Access Method.

This applies to all devices running the IS4 version of the eye tracker and "classic" Tobii Dynavox Gaze Interaction Settings software.

This is likely due to a firmware update that is needed on the Eye Tracker itself - to get it to the current version of 2.9 (as of 8/6/2018).

Please do the following:

  1. Regardless of battery charge, connect the A/C adapter.
  2. Close Snap Core First, Communicator 5, and any other running programs and/or open windows.
  3. Open the Gaze Interaction Settings icon on the desktop (red icon with white eyeball).
  4. On the left, select System Information.
  5. Click the Upgradebutton to the right of Eye tracker firmware version x.x.x (e.g.: 2.4.0).
  6. Make sure that nothing is done on the computer - this process needs to happen without any interruptions.
  7. When the successful message appears, select OK.
  8. Select OK - to close the Gaze Interaction Settings.
  9. Open Snap Core First and select Gaze Interaction as the Access Method by completing the normal steps to do so.