Core First and or All Access after visiting slot list picker page and navigate to word lists or keyboard,page is unresponsive

octubre 28, 2016

 For both Core First and All Access, Word List and Keyboard buttons were added to the Slot List Picker page to allow the user to navigate to the Word Lists or the Keyboard, if the desired word is not available in the slot list.
If the Message Button Action is set to “Insert” under Levels>Topics, this works correctly.
 However if the Message Button Action is set to “Speak”, selecting either of these buttons will navigate to the corresponding page, but all the buttons on the page will be unresponsive.
The only way to reset this is to select one of the toolbar buttons.
In Core First, the Message Button Action is to “Speak” by default, so you will immediately see this problem if you select those buttons. In All Access, the default is set to “Insert”.

This is to be fixed in 2.6 pageset version