Charging and reconnecting the external Bluetooth Speaker

julio 31, 2016

The external Bluetooth Speaker for the Tobii M-Series is powered by an own built-in battery which needs to be charged daily. The Tobii M-Series falls back on the internal speaker of your M-Series Tablet PC when the external speaker is out of reach or turned off. The internal speaker still has a good sound quality but the maximum sound output can be too low for school environments, outdoors or when talking in a group of people. Please make sure to charge your external speaker in time. TobiiDynavox recommends to charge your M-Series tablet and speakers when not in use, preferably overnight.

Symptoms of a dead battery with too low capacity:

  • No light on the Speaker
  • In the Bluetooth settings of the M-Series Device, the Boombot Rex shows as Not Connected
  • When plugging the speaker in, the illuminator lights green in color

  • Plug in the speaker and charge it for several hours.
  • To re-pair the speaker: Slide the power switch on the top of the speaker to the black hexagon then back to the white hexagon.