All Access Pageset: How do I change the label on a Topic?

julio 27, 2016

1. Open the Settings Menu. kA1G0000000A1jJKAS_en_US_1_0
2. Select Page Browser. 
3. Select Manage (in the upper right corner). kA1G0000000A1jJKAS_en_US_1_1 
4. Locate and select the topic folder that you want to change.
5. Select Rename.
6. Type in the text field to rename the topic folder, then select OK.
7. Select DonekA1G0000000A1jJKAS_en_US_1_2
8. Select Back until you are on the main page.
9. Select the modify button. kA1G0000000A1jJKAS_en_US_1_3
10. Under Topics Selection find the topic with your new name, then select it.  
11. Select the X button in the upper right corner to save your changes and return to the main page.
--The renamed topic should now appear on your main page.