2.7.7 Compass Pause/Resume Eyetracking Popups

noviembre 01, 2018

  • Please note that you can still just use the normal: SetAccessMethodPaused actions on two buttons as it was before the release of 2.7.7 Compass.
  • It is just important to note that since we had to make the Pausing of Eyetracking strictly contained within the Compass Application, the Pause indicators from the TGIS or Windows Control will not show when paused.
  • Also note that if a user pauses using the TGIS Dashboard (Peanut) or the Windows Control Pause, they will need to use that again to Resume Eyetracking.
This is why we have made these popups to make it visibly easier to see that the Access Method is paused.
Below are instructions on what a customer/user will need to do to get this into their pages.

Option 1 add a popup
  1. Import the attached Package. 
.User-added image User-added image
Once imported,there are two different popups to choose from
  1. Select a button on the page in which you want the popup to open from.
  2. Add the Action: OpenPopup(pageName, openExclusively).
  3. Select the desired Popup and set the Exclusive State to “True”.

Option 2 use the Macro on a button
  1. If you do not want to use the popups above, you can add a button to their own page and use the macro that was imported when the package was imported.
  2. Important Note:Most of our content has Groups all over the place. If a customer/user is adding their own button, it is important to make sure that if this button is contained in a Group, the Group itself must be set to: AccessibleWhenPaused.
  3. Edit the button.
  4. A label and symbol DO NOT need to be added.
  5. Select Actions.
  6. For the System Event: Selected( thisObject )Actions, select the “Favorites” drop-down and select “Macros”.
  7. Scroll through the list and find: PauseResumeAccessMethod Macro and select it to add.
  8. Then select the System Event: Selected( thisObject ) drop-down and select System Event: PageOpen( thisObject ).
  9. A message may come up asking if you would like to Save the changes, select “Yes”.
  10. Since “Macros” should already be selected, select the PauseResumeState() Macro to add it.
  11. Select Done.
  12. Select Exit to exit Edit Mode.
  13. Select Yes to Save