Funded repairs

Funded Repairs

Funded repairs process

If Medicare, Medicaid, or a Private Insurance paid for the initial purchase of your device, funding may be available to cover repair costs.

If you have a funded device that needs to be repaired, follow these steps:

1. Contact technical support

In the event your device is not functioning properly, contact Technical Support at 1-800-344-1778 (Option 1). Technical Support will first try to correct the issue via a phone conversation or by remote access to the equipment. If the issue can’t be resolved, you can choose to pay out of pocket, or you can contact your support consultant and tell them you would like to utilize your insurance for payment.

2. Complete required documentation

You will need to download and fill out the required repairs documentation:

  • Tobii Dynavox Client Information Form
  • Tobii Dynavox Release Form
  • Physician Prescription
  • Letter of medical necessity

Download required repairs documentation in (English) or (Spanish)
Download Replacement Battery/Charger Packet

This documentation must be submitted to Tobii Dynavox and we will submit it to your funding source. Tobii Dynavox is unable to release the Repair Authorization (RA) number for the funded repair without these documents.

3. Send in completed documentation to Tobii Dynavox

Fax: 1-866-336-2737

Tobii Dynavox
Attn: Funded Repairs
2100 Wharton St, Ste 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

4. Receive repair authorization number

Once the Repair Authorization number is created, you or your listed contact person will receive an email or phone call from a member of the funded repairs department providing the RA number attached to the repair case.

5. Return equipment to Tobii Dynavox

To ensure the return is successful please make sure to do the following:

  • Be sure to write the RA number on the outside of the box.
    (This number helps to ensure that the equipment arrives at the proper department for inspection and quotation of the replacement parts.)
  • Do not include any documentation in the box with the equipment.
  • Do not send back any of the accessories for the device.
  • Insure device before shipping it. For instructions on backing up your device, please contact Technical Support at 800-344-1778 and select option 1.

Ship the device to:
Tobii Dynavox
2100 Wharton St, Ste 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

6. Request authorization and verify coverage for repair

When completed documentation has been received, and the device has been evaluated by our repair technicians, an estimated cost of the repair will become available. This information can then be sent to your insurance company on your behalf for approval prior to the repair. Depending on the type of repair and funding coverage, additional documentation may be needed. This process can take as little as a few days to almost 60 days depending on the funding sources involved.

7. Receive approval

Once the valid approval(s) are received by Tobii Dynavox, we can complete your repair. If a favorable decision cannot be obtained from the funding source, you can elect to use an alternate form of payment (check or credit card).

8. Receive repaired device

If you have provided an e-mail address, we will email you once the equipment ships (UPS) and provide the tracking information for your convenience. Read more about our decontamination precautions when devices are processed for repairs during the Coronavirus pandemic.