Coming soon - TD Snap® can no longer be updated if your iPad is iOS 11or iOS 12

marzo 27, 2024

Due to a change in Apple’s App Store submission guidelines and requirements that takes effect in April 2024 Tobii Dynavox will no longer be able to support iOS 11 and iOS12 for apps that continue to receive future updates.

Does this affect Tobii Dynavox iPad-based devices (Speech Case, SC Tablet or TD Pilot)? 
No. This change does not affect any of the iPad-based devices that have been sold by Tobii Dynavox. All Speech Case, SC Tablet/SC Minis and TD Pilot devices sold/shipped to-date can update past iOS12.
Note: See bottom of this article to see Tobii Dynavox iPad models, devices iOS version and Final supported Version.

 How does this effect my purchase of TD Snap App from theApple App Store?
If you have an iPad that cannot update past iOS 11 or iOS 12, you will not be able to update TD Snap past 1.31.1.
Your App will continue to work and will continue to be supported through Tobii Dynavox Technical Support.
When a newer update comes out in the future, you will not be able to update past 1.31.1 This will prevent the app from being able to sync to The App will continue to work.

iPads that would be affected:

iPad Mini 2 (Discontinued March 2017)
iPad Mini 3 (Discontinued September 2015)
iPad Air, 1st Gen (Discontinued March 2016) 
How can I continue to have the TD Snap App updated?
A newer iPad model that is compatible with the current support iOS/iPadOS versions will need to be purchased or used. Customers who have previously purchased an app will not be required to repurchase the app again to continue using it on their new iPad. The purchase history will transfer to the new iPad when they log in with their App Store credentials, allowing them to restore all previous downloads/purchases from the older iPad. 

Tobii Dynavox Devices are not Affected by this change.

IPAD MODEL                                 TD DEVICE           RELEASED VERSION        FINAL SUPPORTED VERSION 

IPAD 5TH GENERATION 9.7"       Speech Case             iOS 10                                 iPadOS 16
IPAD 6TH GENERATION 9.7"       Speech Case             iOS 11                                Latest iPadOS
IPAD 7TH GENERATION 10.2"     Speech Case 2.0       iPadOS 13                          Latest iPadOS
IPAD 8TH GENERATION 10.2"     Speech case 2.0        iPadOS 14                          Latest iPadOS
IPAD 9TH GENERATION 10.2"     Speech Case 2.0       iPadOS 15                          Latest iPadOS

iPad Pro

IPAD PRO 12.9" 2ND GEN           TD Pilot                      iPadOS14                            Latest iPadOS
IPAD PRO 12.9" 5TH GEN            TD Pilot                      iPadOS14                            Latest iPadOS
IPAD PRO 12.9" 6TH GEN            TD Pilot                      iPadOS16                            Latest iPadOS

iPad Mini

IPAD MINI 5TH GEN                     Mobile Mini                iOS12                                Latest iPadOS
IPAD MINI 6TH GEN                     Speech case mini      iPadOS 15                           Latest iPadOS